Writing resumes for scholarship admission applications

Scholarship committees want to hear from past professors or employers about your academic performance, work ethic and ability to succeed. Write your personal statement. Many scholarship applications require a statement that explains your academic and career goals with the scholarship in mind.

Writing resumes for scholarship admission applications

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. A resume is a data sheet that markets your credentials. It outlines your skills and qualifications and prompts potential employers to talk to you further about the opportunities they offer.

You should also list campus activities, student organizations, and all of your educational experiences. This master list will provide you with all the information you need to create your resume and cover letter and prepare for interviewing.

Elaborate On Your List Next, write descriptions of the items on your list.

Writing resumes for scholarship admission applications

Include information about your specific responsibilities, skills used, and outcomes you obtained. Use action verbs in your descriptions see the Action Verb list below.

Think about the skills you used in each of your positions that will be of interest to potential employers. You do not need to include every experience in your list. Focus on those experiences that will be of most interest to your prospective employer. There are a few sections that are common to most resumes: Be sure that your phone numbers are correct, and always include an email address.

You only need to list one email address, but be sure you check it frequently. If you use an email address other than your Oberlin one, be sure to use a professional sounding address. Do not include your social security number or date of birth.

If you choose to include one, make it a concise declaration of the position you seek in a specified area, department, or industry i. You will elaborate on this more fully in your cover letter, so if you can better use the space on your resume to list relevant experiences and skills, skip the objective.

Writing resumes for scholarship admission applications

Typically, include your GPA if it is 3. Include study abroad or additional educational institutions if appropriate. Generally, you will not include high school, unless your high school is well known or is relevant to the employer it is assumed you graduated from high school to get into college.


Use the descriptions you wrote while compiling your list, being sure to begin them with action verbs. Strive to be concise. You should not use full sentences or try to write eloquent prose.College admissions applications, and some scholarship entrance forms, require that you submit a letter of recommendation.

These letters should be written by someone you trust and respect, and who knows you well. To help ease the burden of college tuition, ResumeGo has launched the ResumeGo Scholarship Program with the goal of awarding scholarships to qualified high school seniors and college students in the communities .

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View, download and print Writing Resumes For Scholarship/admission Applications pdf template or form online. Resume Templates are collected for any of your needs. Writing Resumes for Scholarship/Admission Applications.

This information will get you started. Produce a draft, and then get an advisor's help. Students applying for college or graduate school scholarships need to submit both an application and resume.

While the application requirements will vary depending on the organization funding the scholarship, students can expect to include general personal and academic information.

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