The microsoft antitrust case essay

InfoWorld wrote that the case is [3] widely recognized as the most influential company in the microcomputer-software industry. Claiming more than a million installed MS-DOS machines, founder and chairman Bill Gates has decided to certify Microsoft's jump on the rest of the industry by dominating applications, operating systemsperipherals and, most recently, book publishing.

The microsoft antitrust case essay

The two most obvious stakeholders in the case are Microsoft and the DOJ. Microsoft is in the position of not only protecting its products from stricter regulation, but is also interested in keeping the competition at bay- which is the crux of their defense against the claims of the DOJ.

Microsoft maintained the position that becoming a monopoly in an industry as dynamic as computer technology is next to impossible given how quickly things and products can change. Netscape and Java were a particular threat to Microsoft due to the ease and adaptability of their Internet browsing software, which could be used without the Windows operating system thus giving consumers a choice as to which system they wanted to utilize.

The first question posed by the case is whether or not the DOJ should have brought an antitrust case against Microsoft, The microsoft antitrust case essay whether there is evidence to indicate Microsoft violated the Sherman Act. An opposite argument can be made regarding the conduct of Microsoft in that if there is little to no competition, there is the potential for less innovation, creativity, and invention of new products.

The microsoft antitrust case essay

Jackson presided over the court case between the DOJ and Microsoft, issuing the following remedies; 1 structural: Judge Jackson also ruled that Microsoft had to ensure its software and hardware be compatible with non-Microsoft products.

In terms of the appropriateness of a structural remedy, research points to a update by the DOJ regarding this type of remedy.

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If the structural remedy would rob Microsoft of its effectiveness as an industry leader, then the decision would not be appropriate, especially if a behavioral remedy could resolve the situation.

The settlement arose from the refusal of the Supreme Court to hear the appeal by Microsoft, and the potential for lengthy legal battles in the future.

Some of the state attorneys disagreed with the settlement, stating Microsoft was rewarded as opposed to punished. If Microsoft is intent on following this manner of operating, the behavioral aspect of the settlement should be sufficient, especially in conjunction with the new terms which allow Microsoft to integrate any product into Windows.

If Microsoft is true to its claims and incorporates the settlement into its internal strategy the claims of the DOJ should be kept to a minimum if not remedied completely.

The microsoft antitrust case essay

Many private class-action lawsuits were filed against Microsoft, and most have been resolved to varying degrees. Microsoft has won dismissals in 16 states, won denials of class certification in 2 states, reached final settlements in 17 states, and reached preliminary settlements in 2 states.

Only two lawsuits remain, in Iowa and Mississippi. In a broad analysis, it seems the settlement has been effective in remedying the complaints of the DOJ, especially given the result of many of the private class action lawsuits. Microsoft has made a superior product, and has also reaped the benefits as well as the consequences of being an industry leader.

Current industry standards may predict the rise of actual competition to the Microsoft product, with the recent rise of Apple products, which are commanding a distinct share of the market.

It may even be feasible to say Apple has become more of an industry leader than Microsoft in recent times, as many users have taken sides in the PC vs.

Business and its Environment. Upper Saddle River, NJ:The Microsoft Antitrust Case The Microsoft Antitrust Case In the Microsoft Corporation was at the center of an investigation by the U.


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Department of Justice (DOJ) which alleged the company of violating the Sherman Act. The Microsoft Antitrust Case* by Nicholas Economides** Revised April 2, Abstract This paper analyzes the law and economics of United States v.

Microsoft, a landmark case of antitrust intervention in network industries. Microsoft Antitrust Case There has been a lot of debate recently about Bill Gates within the software industry. This debate has occurred because Windows is on the majority of personal desktops, which is considered a monopoly in the system.

Microsoft Antitrust Court Case Essay. As this paper is written there is a landmark court case proceeding in Washington in front of a federal judge - Microsoft Antitrust Court Case Essay introduction.

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This case involves the charging of the Microsoft Corporation for violating antitrust laws set up by the government to preserve market competition. The Microsoft Antitrust Case A Case Study For MBA Students by Nicholas Economides* Revised April Abstract This case study discusses briefly the economic and legal issues pertaining to the antitrust case of the United States and a number of States against Microsoft.

Microsoft Corporation, F.3d 34 (D.C. Cir. ), is a U.S. antitrust law case, settled by the Department of Justice (DOJ), in which the technology company Microsoft was accused of holding a monopoly and engaging in anti-competitive practices contrary to .

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