Swot analysis of kwik fits

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Swot analysis of kwik fits

Swot analysis of kwik fits

Competitor Analysis Apple faces fierce competition in all of the various markets in which it operates. For example, in the PC market and accessories, many companies offer similar products. There is also a big opportunity in the online media market as a media provider, Apple's iTunes and iPod face pressure from Netflix and other streaming services that are now gaining in popularity.

In regards to the smartphone market, the iPhone also faces a high level of competition and Apple is continually competing with companies such as Motorola, Swot analysis of kwik fits, Blackberry, and number of manufactures that have all devoted their operating systems to the Android-Based platform.

In each of these markets, Apple's key to success so far is that it has been to differentiate its products and services so that they add value to the consumer, either through brand power or functionality, at offer superior value to the consumer.

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With regard to the PC industry, price competition has become one of the dominant factors which makes Apple vulnerable since it is more of a luxury item.

Threat of New Entrants Apple operates on so many different fronts that the threat of entrants is pretty high; although Apple barely ever knows from which direction. There are many high-tech firms that are constantly innovating and putting pressure on Apple's product mix.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers Apple's bargaining power with suppliers is relatively high.

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Apple's current suppliers are behooved to Apple for a core of its business. Therefore, Apple can virtually dictate terms to its suppliers. Bargaining Power of Buyers The bargaining power of buyers is high with the exception of those that are locked-in to the Apple platform.

The switching costs to some consumers that are only familiar with the Apple platform might prevent them from considering substitute products. Threat of Substitute Products Apple's products are very well differentiated from the rest of the market and this is their niche.

However, Apple must continue to perpetually innovate to be able to maintain this niche. Conclusion Apple is definitely one of the world's premier brands.

Its international marketing program will represent the success or failure of it continued growth as its domestic market has become well saturated. Apple must maintain a unified message across cultural boundaries yet offer some flexibility to appeal to regional preferences.

Contractual system Under this system, the different pieces of channels of distribution continue their operation as individual entities. Businesses go into contractual relationships together with other distribution elements in the channel with each of their duties and benefits pointed out before anything.

Administered system These systems use neither formal contractual nor corporate ownership of the channel of distribution. Here, one member of the distribution channel collects enough power through sheer size in order to effectively control the other activities that are carried out by other channels of distribution Dontigney, Although advertising has become more common in health care, it is still a tactic that generates concern and criticism.

The Alliance for Health Care Strategy and Marketing developed a set of voluntary guidelines regarding the concerns and issues that should be considered in health care advertising. There are several guidelines for Health Care Advertising; Information that can be disclosed in an advertisement includes; general information of a healthcare facility such as its name, location, contacts, facilities and accommodation provided, and charges.

The professional services that are available in the healthcare facility can also be disclosed. Accreditation or award announcement such as recognized certification that the healthcare facility has received. On the other hand there is information that is not permitted in advertisement such as comparison either direct or indirect between healthcare facilities.

Using superlatives such as latest, the best, state of the art when it comes to describing the services that are available in a facility is not allowed. Testimonials that have been given by patients can not be printed or publicized.

Healthcare facilities are also not allowed to use celebrities to promote heir services. The healthcare facilities are also not allowed to display human tissue specimen and photographs such as excised lesions from patients or biopsy parts in their advertisement.

Media that is approved for healthcare advertisements are newspapers, magazines, directories, billboards, brochures, banners, and websites. Examples of Product Life Cycle Phases. Retrieved Junefrom http: Three Types of Vertical Marketing Systems.

The online or the soft versions will be sent to the specific organizers who respond to our mails and ask for further clarification.Swot Analysis Of Kwik Fits. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is derived from the internal and external assessments. One way to distinguish strengths/weaknesses from opportunities/threats in the SWOT analysis is to view them from the company’s perspective.

Strengths and weaknesses are internal, while opportunities and threats are external to the company. Adam&Darek Zakład Tapicerski Meblowo-Samochodowy Adres. Ulica: ul. Niemcewicza 35 The observations, analysis, notes and musings posted here are based on facts gathered in the field from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

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