Schritte international 3 kennenlernen test

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Schritte international 3 kennenlernen test

The Varicam LT showed the most obvious drop in image quality. At fps there is a clear loss of resolution, even further at with visible artefacts. Footage shot at fps can be improved by exporting from the Panasonic P2 viewer.

Schritte international 3 kennenlernen test

As the frame rate increases, the image rapidly deteriorates. From 50fps upwards the URSA shows a strong magenta tint.

Take 1 was shot through a. The known green tint produced by the Tiffen filters likely compensated the magenta in the first shot.

After correction there are still magenta blotches on the stones in the foreground in all 3 exposures, like those observed on the skin in the ETTR shot.

The Amira showed no apparent reduction in image quality and had the Schritte international 3 kennenlernen test resolution at higher frame rates of all cameras in this test. For closer examination, please refer to the DPX sequences, which can be downloaded using the links at the top to the page.

The three exposure steps are: The relatively soft image of the C II is almost noise-free at 2 stops under and delivered the cleanest picture in the test field at 4 stops under, probably due to very effective internal noise reduction. The FS7 clearly showed artefacts at this exposure.

Influence of bit rate and codec on detail and reproduction of noise: A current firmware update for the URSA supposed to improve the noise behaviour.

The RED was not available for the aliasing test. The video should be played back 1: The test shows a tendency for modern 4K cameras to produce significantly more aliasing when recording 2K than at 4K.

It is advisable to operate these cameras in 4K or UHD. In contrast to the C MkI or the Amira, scaling must be done in postproduction, which is a possible source of error.

Incorrect scaling can also produce aliasing. An alternative would be to use an external recorder that offers a higher quality downrez to 2K or HD. The question arises why modern cameras do not at least use a simple Cubic filter for clean internal scaling. Designed only to compare certain features, it was not within the scope of this test to provide a comprehensive overview of each camera, but we considered it useful nonetheless to share points made in discussions during the test in an attempt to indicate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the cameras tested.

Pixel errors, more or less pronounced fixed pattern noise or the new issue of magenta in the 4. For this reason the cameras were equipped with IR cut filters for the main test.

Schritte international 3 kennenlernen test

Log gamma, high dynamic range, balanced colours, fine noise, lossless RAW and ProRes, features previously only found in Arri cameras.

Without an optical low-pass filter their images are sharper but also show strong aliasing. Attractive aspects of the Pocket are its characteristic 16mm-like image quality, ProRes recording, the simple menu structure and very good focus peaking, superior to some high-end devices.

Colour and dynamic range are still relatively good. The resolution is sufficient to keep up with the test field. RAW and ProRes recording ensure optimal workflow and noise performance.

Menu design is a big plus point on all the Blackmagic cameras. The larger touch display also simplifies menu operation and facilitates focusing thanks to excellent focus peaking. BMPC4K Both the day and night recordings of the BMPC4K fell significantly short compared to the test field, mostly due to its limited dynamic range and low native ISO ofwhich is probably a downside of its global shutter, a unique feature in this line-up.

The lack of an OLPF and excessive internal sharpening makes the image somewhat harsh. Colour separation was poor compared to the other cameras. Oversampling with a soft B-spline filter does not reduce this aliasing.

The ETTR exposure produced blotches of magenta around the brightest exposed skin tone which could not be corrected in post and are still visible even at standard exposure. Whether these artefacts have something to do with the documented magenta issue of the 4.

The high frame rate clips show a significant magenta problem as well. A lack of internal ND filters now fixed in the recently introduced Mini Propoor low-light performance and impractical positioning of the air vents limits the usability of the URSA Mini for documentary work.

Despite having more than twice the number of pixels the sensor is read out completely and scaled down to UHD in real time.

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