Osu dissertation latex

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Osu dissertation latex

Preface This Graduate Program Handbook is the definitive statement of the rules, policies and procedures of the Graduate Program in Linguistics, as well a general guide for students and faculty in the program.

It is maintained by the Linguistics Graduate Studies Committee in consultation with the regular graduate faculty in the department, to fulfill the following responsibility listed in Section XIV.

The relationship between the two sets of rules is described in Section I. Local Graduate Studies Committees are charged with the responsibility for conducting specific graduate programs within the context of the policies and rules established by the Graduate School.

See the Graduate School Handbook for the general requirements for the M. Note especially the rules governing examinations and theses. The Graduate Studies Committee conducts the graduate program in the department and serves as the liaison between the Graduate School and the graduate faculty of the department.

Cut-off points for previous versions Students who entered the program before the most recent revision of this handbook may choose to follow these rules or the ones that were in force when they entered the program.

The specifics of the process of Admission to the Linguistics Doctoral Program are described on the Linguistics Department website. Section II of the Graduate School Handbook describes general policies and requirements that apply to applicants to all graduate programs at the Ohio State University.

The rest of this section of this Graduate Program Handbook describes rules and policies that are specific to the Graduate Program in Linguistics.

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Admission directly into the Ph. However, with certain well-defined exceptions, applicants to the graduate program are normally considered only for the Ph.

Once admitted to the Linguistics Ph. Financial support is limited to students in the Ph. Admission only once a year The review procedure for applications to the Ph.

Osu dissertation latex

Applicants are reviewed in January for admission the following Autumn or Summer semester. Because the Department ensures that five years of support are provided to all students admitted into the Ph. This form requires the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee in the receiving program and the written acknowledgment of the Graduate Studies Committee in the current program.

An Ohio State University graduate student requesting transfer into the Linguistics doctoral program must submit the following documents: Students requesting transfer are typically notified of the decision in March, at the same time that applicants for first-time admission are notified.

If the transfer is approved, the student typically will be asked to take Linguistics Teacher Trainingin order to be eligible for appointment as a GTA. The funding package typically offered to the succesful transfer applicant will be for five years minus the number of years that the student has been in a graduate program at the Ohio State University at the time of the transfer into Linguistics.

Course load, registration, and scheduling Section III of the Graduate School Handbook describes the Graduate Faculty rules about course load, registration, schedule adjustment, and related matters.Before posting, please read this section.

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Osu dissertation latex

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