How to write a magazine article middle school

Creative Graduation Gifts Types of Articles for School Newspapers This article details the various types of school newspaper articles you can write. For ideas on what to write about, click here. News Articles These articles are all about the news. Specifically, you want to write about school news.

How to write a magazine article middle school

Lisa Brennan In Octobera team of seven editors—all eighth grade boys at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia—met during lunch to compare two digital publishing platforms. By mid-November, a staff of 36 students released the fall edition of PaperBoy, a page magazine focused on student culture.

Within a month, the digital magazine had been read by viewers in the United States, plus a dozen viewers globally, including several from Australia, Thailand, and the UK.

how to write a magazine article middle school

Why a Middle School Magazine? The annual cover art contest inspires artists to work with a variety of mediums. Authentic writing experiences have been credited with motivating students to compose their best work. Nancie Atwell's In The Middle, along with her subsequent publications, have validated the importance of empowering student voices.

Writing for a publication allows students to explore a choice topic, serve as an "expert in residence," and build social connections with peers who share common interests. Students write in an authentic way, collaborate meaningfully, and often strengthen their personal identity.

Nate reviews classic movies, Brett writes humorous pieces, Lane views video games with an intellectual lens.

how to write a magazine article middle school

Voices emerge with increased confidence when students have the safety net of a team initiative. Seventh grade technology expert Charlie Holdway reported on Tiny Circuits.

A QR code links readers to a video.

The Basics of Magazine Article Writing

Although a school newspaper offers those same features, a magazine offers many more and varied advantages for young adolescents. Consider that if each student is given a page for free expression, that student has complete ownership of the space. Some may choose to tell their story with images, simply select a suitable background color, or designate fonts to customize the appearance of their pages.

And, there's plenty of room for partnerships: A savvy mathematician can collect survey data and analyze it with a peer journalist who translates findings into narrative form.

A "newspaper column publication" requires time-consuming page formatting to ensure consistency, yet each magazine page is formatted independently.

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Cohesion is achieved by shuffling pages into a reader-friendly sequence. Starting Small Seventh graders work on stories and pages during study hall. Paper Boy wasn't always this big or this popular. Five years ago a staff of seven boys worked the entire school year to produce a page publication http: Our first edition was a recap of an event we call Activities Day.

During this biannual event, all students sign up for an extracurricular field trip or focused project that runs for half of a school day.

For our first edition, our student reporters each chose a different activity, carried old-school digital card cameras, and wrote a short synopsis of their chosen activity.

They loaded their content into Glogster Edu pages and hyperlinked the pages together. The first edition went live online. The next year, three boys who were already contributing to a library-inspired book blog were invited to try something new: What would they think about publishing with the PaperBoy staff?

Students jumped at the chance to write video game reviews. Not only did they accept the invitation, they harnessed animation tools to create Harry Potter-like moving-news images. By pairing Activities Day articles with reviews, PaperBoy increased its readership. Merging these two small groups also helped cultivate new friendships and generate more recognition within our school.

In addition to releasing the magazine digitally, we printed each page about 12—15 pages at that time and hung them on a hallway bulletin board with the URL address printed in large type.

Recruiting Writers Eighth graders who don't have a mutual study hall period meet in the library during recess to collaborate. We were able to quickly recruit book reviewers and serious writers, but staff growth exploded when we asked, "Would anyone be interested in writing movie and video game reviews?

Other popular features now include technology reviews, top ten lists, student survey results favorite products, music, or hobbiesand teacher interviews. Offering a menu of categories can spark student interest, but individuals always feel free to propose original story ideas.

This is not a club and there are no cuts. Students "join" the staff by submitting artwork, a creative story, a feature story, or a review.Nov 19,  · So, next time you have to write a more in-depth email to someone, give it the time it deserves.

Block it out on your calendar if you have to. And I’m not talking five minutes per email—it’s. Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

Start With Brainstorming

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Middle School Newspaper Activities How to Write a School News Article. WRITING A NEWS ARTICLE. Before you can write your article, you must have as many of the facts as you can gather. Here are some facts that you will need to find out: What?

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