Hindi essay on qutub minar

Vistas The Indian Heights School, celebrated their tenth Annual Day Function on 23rd November, at their school premises amidst great fanfare and gusto. The vibrant colours of the costumes and the decor further enhanced the festive fervour of the atmosphere. The audience, consisting of parents, members of the School Management Board and other dignitaries waited enthusiastically for the arrival of the chief guest, Lt.

Hindi essay on qutub minar

When built, its storage capacity at the end of each monsoon season was reported to be 0. Now the tank size has substantially reduced due to encroachment and siltation but is well maintained in its present state pictured. He was known for "his keen sense of historical precedent, statements of dynastic legitimacy and the power of monumental architecture".

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At Hauz Khas, he raised several monuments on the southern and eastern banks of the reservoir. To rectify the situation, a plan was implemented in to store storm water generated at the southern ridge of Delhi behind an embankment and then diverting it into the lake.

Hindi essay on qutub minar

An outside source has also been tapped by feeding the water from the treatment plant at Sanjay Van into the lake. As of ,the water body is still in need of restoration and the Delhi Development Authority approved a proposal put forward by EVOLVE Engineering to use constructed and floating wetlands to bring life back to the lake.

Structures[ edit ] The notable structures built by Firuz Shah on the eastern and northern side of the reservoir consisted of the Madrasa Islamic School of Learning — a theological collegethe small Mosque, the Main tomb for himself and six domed pavilions in its precincts, which were all built between and A.

It was also considered the largest and best equipped Islamic seminary anywhere in the world. There were three main Madrasa's in Delhi during Firuz Shah's time. One of them was the Firuz Shahi madrasa at Hauz Khas. After the sacking of BaghdadDelhi became the most important place in the world for Islamic education.

The village surrounding the Madarsa was also called Tarababad city of joy in view of its affluent and culturally rich status, which provided the needed supporting sustenance supply system to the Madrasa.

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It was built in L-Shape as one contiguous structure on the south and east edges of the reservoir complex. The two arms are pivoted at the large Tomb of Firuz Shah pictured.

At the northern end there is a small mosque. Between the mosque and the tomb two storied pavilions exist now on the northern side and similar pavilions on the eastern side, overlooking the lake, which were used as madrasa. The two arms are interconnected through small domed gateways passing through the tomb at the center.

The North—South arm with balconies overlooking the reservoir is a two storied building with three towers of varying sizes. Ornamental brackets cover the upper storied balconies while the lower stories have corbelled support.

Roof overhangs or eaves chajjas are seen now only in the upper stories though it is said that they existed on both stories when it was built. Many cenotaphsin the form of octagonal and square chhatris are also seen, which are reported to be possibly tombs of teachers of the Madrasa.

Expressed in his own words, his impressions of the tank and buildings around Hauz Khas were vividly described as: This is a reservoir, which was constructed by Sultan Feruz Shah, and is faced all round with stone and stucco. Each side of the reservoir is more than a bows—shot long, and there are buildings placed around it.

This tank is filled by rains in the rainy season, and it supports the people of the city with water throughout the year. The tomb of Sultan Firuz Shah stands on its bank While his description of the place is correct but his ascribing construction of the tank to Firuz Shah was a misconception.

The entry to the garden is from the eastern gate which paases through the Hauz Khas village. The garden houses six impressive pavilions. The pavilions with domes are in different shapes and sizes rectangularoctagonal and hexagonal and on the basis of inscriptions are inferred to be graves.

A cluster of three hemispherical domes, a large one of 5. Each pavilion is raised on a plinth of about 0.

Ruins of a courtyard with a rectangular plan, are seen to the west of the three pavilions which are built of double columns. The pavilions and the courtyard are conjectured to have been used as part of the madrasa in the past. Mosque Mosque at the Northern Tower of the Madrasa The northern end of the madrasa is secured to a small mosque.

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The qibla of the Mosque projects towards the reservoir by about 9. A domed gateway from the south east provides entry into three rooms of size5.

A "C"-shaped layout of a double row of pillars on a raised podium forms the prayer hall, which is open to the sky.

The qibla wall seen clearly from the reservoir side has five mihrabs. The avant—garde setting of the central mihrab with a domed chhatri cupola with open sides is seen in the form of a pavilion projecting into the reservoir.

The other mihrabs are set, on either side of the main mihrab, in the walls with grilled windows.Qutub Minar History In Hindi And All Information About Who Built Qutub Minar & Qutub Minar Timings & Qutub Minar Facts, क़ुतुब मीनार का इतिहास Essay; Hindi Speech; व्यापर ज्ञान.

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कुतुब मीनार पर निबंध (क़ुतुब मीनार एस्से) You can get below some essays on Qutub Minar in Hindi language for students in , , , , , and words. कुतुबमीनार की जानकारी Essay on Qutub Minar in Hindi Information कुतुब मीनार भारत में दक्षिण दिल्ली शहर के महरौली भाग में स्थित, ईंट से बनी विश्व की सबसे ऊँची मीनार है। इसकी.

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