Bbc middle east business report dubai expats woman

Then there was the spectacular moment when Bush actually stated during the debates with Gore that Gore had raised twice as much in funds as Bush had. Then there was the "election" itself, when the RNC happily told us that hand-counting the ballots was less reliable than machine-counting. GOP claims about being better for national security than Democrats provide perhaps the most outrageous examples of this phenomenon. Bush got into office and promptly told our intelligence services to quit spying on bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Bbc middle east business report dubai expats woman

She would have to touch men she barely knew, which is forbidden in the traditional Islamic bbc middle east business report dubai expats woman of the United Arab Emirates.

And she would have to work nights in a society where it is frowned upon for young women to be out after 10pm. But she argued her case and is now seeking her first job.

A UAE national living in Dubai, she is one of a generation of young women at the forefront of fast-paced cultural change.

Opportunities Dubai's nationals have become a minority in their own land as international expatriates have flocked to the hi-tech, high-rise city which has sprung up in the desert in little more than 30 years.

The newspapers proudly tout the achievements of women firefighters, police officers, business leaders and the much-vaunted Economics and Planning Minister, Sheika Lubna Qasimi, appointed in Among UAE nationals it is generally considered inappropriate for women to speak to men they are neither married nor related to in public.

All government universities are single-sex. But contact with male work colleagues is increasingly seen as acceptable. Our governments are all corrupt and, though there is some change for the better, nothing is really improving Rasha, Bahrain Middle East youth: The majority of the others do not work because of pressure from their parents or husbands, she says, although some choose to stay at home to raise children full time.

Husbands' views However, among Dubai students I meet a stream of highly ambitious, determined young women with supportive families.

Several, like business marketing student Maria Hanif Qassimi, 20, say they would refuse to marry a man who would not allow them to work. Others like Bushra Mohammed Roken, 19, the leader of the student council at Zayed University, would work around such views. In many families the father is prime decision-maker.

Views among unmarried young men vary. Some, like IT student Fahad Qahtani, 25, stipulate that they want a working wife.

He is willing to help with the housework and childcare: If she has work and she's doing well, she's helping in other aspects and she has the right to get some help from the man. Female bosses In contrast to Fahad, Salim Alakraf, 25, would prefer a future wife to be "a queen" presiding over the home, rather than "a worker".

She cannot look after me, the children and the house. After a while, she will lose everything," he says. Salim would prefer his future wife to be a "queen" not a "worker" And Mohammed Fahim, 24, says he would prefer a future wife to work in a more "closed" environment like a bank, where she would have less contact with the public than in a shop or hotel.

With UAE national women rising to ever-higher professional positions, their male counterparts are increasingly finding themselves under female authority - traditionally a no-no. Virtually everyone I speak to points out that attitudes are changing. But after some time, when the lady has proved herself in her position, it becomes normal," says Mohammed Fahim.

And while it will take a while for such attitudes to filter through to the less developed, more traditional parts of the UAE, for men in Dubai the transition is well under way.

They're doing a very good job and they're giving us big competition," says Fahad Qahtani. Are you young in the Middle East? How free are women to have careers in your country? Are you balancing work and family?

Are you negotiating for more freedom? Have you chosen not to work? The following comments reflect the balance of views received: Certainly there are a few 'stars' in the female workforce here who are a shining example for others to follow. But the reality on the ground is UAE women must integrate more into the private sector.

Government departments are bursting at the seams with UAE nationals because of the unique benefits shorter hours, attractive housing pay, higher amount of holidays. Dubai's success story relies as much on the hard work of the private sector as it does on the government.

It's time more UAE national women and men step up, adapt and join the millions. It is growing exponentially. The UAE government actually has laws that will guarantee all national graduates are gainfully employed. Fatymah Tafida, Dubai, UAE It is people like Um Sarah that make life difficult for mothers like myself who want to work for reasons other than 'bad financial need'.Over the past two decades Irish pubs have proliferated around the planet.

They are a temple for expats.

bbc middle east business report dubai expats woman

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