Animal testing at dalhousie university

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Animal testing at dalhousie university

This information is intended to accompany the UCLA Terms of Referenceproviding additional details to describe how the committee achieves its mandate. Protocol Applications All use of animals at Dalhousie University requires the submission of a protocol application. Principal investigators will normally be Dalhousie University Faculty members.

Directors of Dalhousie animal facilities Carleton and Aquatron may also serve as PI on animal protocols. In circumstances where animal research or testing is undertaken by outside parties who do not hold a Dalhousie faculty appointment, a contract will be established between the principal investigator and the Office of the Vice President Research.

To facilitate the review process, two Committee members are assigned the role of primary reviewer and secondary reviewer for each protocol. They are expected to scrutinize the protocol in particular detail, and may ask the UCLA coordinator to contact the principal investigator prior to the meeting to request more information.

The secondary reviewer raises any additional issues if necessary. The remaining members of the committee are then asked for their opinions and comments. In many cases the protocol cannot be given full approval during the meeting because certain details are missing, or a question has been raised.

Where necessary, the Committee will request additional information or supporting evidence from the investigator to justify or explain the proposed protocol.

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If the missing details are minor, the authority to grant full approval may be delegated to a few members normally the primary reviewer and the veterinarian once the additional information has been received and reviewed. If there are many questions, or if there are any ethical concerns, the response must be received and approved by the full committee at the next meeting.

The Committee will then decide whether to approve the protocol after the investigator has left the room. In some circumstances the Committee may decide to approve only certain portions of the protocol.

The approved and non-approved sections of the protocol must be clearly delineated in a letter to the principal investigator. The Committee will attempt to reach decisions by consensus.

The protocol is not approved if there is more than one dissenter. In this case the dissenters may elect to be "on the record" minuted as objecting to the protocol, and the protocol may then be approved.

Animal testing at dalhousie university

Otherwise the protocol remains unapproved and the principal investigator may proceed to appeal the decision. Protocol Renewals Animal protocols are approved for one year.

At the end of that period, the approval can be extended for one additional year by the submission of a renewal Form B, provided there are no major changes in experimental procedures. Investigators must complete a progress report as part of the Form B, including refinements and any unexpected complications.

The requirement for additional animals must be justified.

Animal testing at dalhousie university

Form Bs are reviewed by the full Committee. After the second year, no further renewals are permitted, and the investigator must submit a full Form A. Investigators must submit an amendment Form B to modify an existing protocol. The modifications requested should be relatively minor, and must fall under the objectives of the Form A which is being amended.

The investigator will be required to submit a new Form A if the modifications appear to be major, or if they will result in an increase in the level of invasiveness. Pro Tem Approval Where protocol approval is urgently required, the investigator may request pro tem approval from the UCLA coordinator.

In such cases she will distribute the protocol application to a minimum of the committee chair, a university veterinarian, and a community member for review. This subcommittee may request additional information from the investigator if necessary. Pro tem approval will not be granted if the subcommittee feels the application raises ethical concerns which should be addressed by the full committee.

In any case, protocols which have been granted pro tem approval are reviewed by the full committee at the next regularly scheduled UCLA meeting.

Pilot Studies The UCLA encourages the use of small numbers of animals when new approaches, methods or products are being tried. Standard Operating Procedures The committee encourages the development and use of SOPs for all activities and procedures that involve animals.

Facility specific and general SOPs are developed by the university veterinarians, animal care staff, and the training coordinator.

Functions & Policies - Animal Ethics - Dalhousie University

These are submitted to the UCLA for review and approval at least every three years. Investigators are encouraged to include approved SOPs in their protocol applications, as well as work in consultation with university veterinarians to develop new appropriate SOPs for their specific procedures.

Scientific Merit Review In accordance with CCAC guidelines, the University Committee on Laboratory Animals must ensure that scientific merit has been demonstrated through independent peer review before animal research projects can be given ethical approval.

Normally, funding of a project by a peer reviewed funding agency is taken as adequate evidence of scientific merit. The UCLA reserves the right to ask for additional or more rigorous scientific peer review for a specific use of animals, particularly when the ethical cost to the animals is high.

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